Document Imaging Solutions uses the latest SSL encryption using the SHA256 hash. The entire website is SSL encrypted, as well as the PDF files themselves are stored encrypted with their own unique key for each file stored. The encryption keys to the files are stored separately. Also, we have four levels of security. You can lock down access by IP (internet protocol) address. This means users can only access the system from within your organization. The government entity, username, and password must be exact to gain access. Once logged in, users can only view the documents they are authorized to see.

  • 2048 bit encryption is used for the full website
  • Private storage cloud with no 3rd party storage
  • Each PDF is stored using individual key for encryption
  • One to many scanning stations at no additional license fee
  • Multi-site locations for redundancy
  • Aggressive backup every 10 minutes of databases and daily for PDF files

Premier has been in business since 2008. The owner, Jason Logan, has 23 years of experience in the IT profession. Advanced networking configurations with an emphasis on security is paramount in today’s world. Premier blocks all traffic that is not in the United States. This means when someone from a another country tries to access Premier’s website, it appears to be a broken website. This is the type of security that we take to protect your documents.

Our Clients Trust Us. Randy Reed Automotive is our longest customer at 8 years. They have scanned and stored 99% of their paperwork and currently have over 25 tons of paper converted and stored electronically with Premier. Salon Oasis and Day Spa is our second longest customer. She has been through many audits and with Premier she can quickly get through one with little or no work on her part.